Linkedin Cover Mockup Vector.

Linkedin Cover Mockup Vector

Here we listed a detailed presentation of a free Linkedin Cover Mockup Vector with the profile picture and the cover image, which can be easily customized via adobe illustrator software.

Here is the download link-

Linkedin Cover Mockup

With this MOCKUP template, you have a pre-designed canvas that sets the dimensions and layout for your Linkedin cover. This saves you valuable time and effort that would otherwise be spent manually creating the framework from scratch. MOCKUP Templates also provide a consistent starting point for multiple projects, ensuring an authentic presentation look.

After downloading the vector file, follow the below steps :

-Open the pdf files on Illustrator

-Then put the logo design in the blank area, click the right button, then arrange and click send backward.

-Next, select the logo and round shape, click the right button of the mouse, and click on Make a clipping mask.

-Then put the Linkedin cover design in the blank area.

-Next do the same for the Linkedin cover design also.

Check out the youtube short content video tutorial from here.